Write creatively! Creative Stories

Creative Stories is a game inviting you to write creatively. Your aim is to use as much of the creative advice the Wizard is giving as possible, so that you win more points while you are writing. You can play it alone or together with others, each one of you on your own tablet or computer. You select whether you want to play in single-player or multiplayer mode.

You play Creative Stories on a given Story Theme linked to your mission. There is also a time limit within which you have to finish. You type your text and you submit it to the Wizard. Throughout the game, he is suggesting using some words to which he has given a certain value measured in magic points. Usually, he decides to offer words that you find rather difficult to incorporate in your text, unless you think really creatively. But that’s his intention, after all: to help you think ‘out of the box’!

So, if you try to use his advice you can score more magic points and you will be challenged to become a more creative writer! Each time you submit a piece of text, he performs some of his amazing calculations and gives you the ‘magic points’ your writing deserves!

Download for Android through Google Play:


Download for Windows (win32):


You can also play Creative Stories in C2Space on an Android tablet. Find out more about C2Space here.