Tell the story! 4scribes

4Scribes is a creative story-making game for groups of 4 players. To play it you need just one Android tablet which you will be sharing with your co-players.

The story starts with a short starting statement or phrase. Your objective is to develop the story together with your co-players. Playing in turns, you add a little more to the story text each time…

At the start, you get some cards, the ‘Creative Elements’. Each card has a word or short phrase on it. Every time it is your turn to play, you select to play one of your cards. This means have to take the word or phrase appearing on it into account when you decide how you will continue the story.

It doesn’t matter how ‘irrelevant’ these words or phrases may seem in relation to how you may have expected the story to develop. That’s exactly the point: the cards are there to ‘disrupt’ your story, to make you think differently! And, in any case, you are not meant to interpret them literally: they are just creative thinking seeds to spark your imagination!

You can play 4Scribes in C2Space. Learn more about C2Space here!