Explore the concept! Explore and Expand

Explore and Expand is a simple playful activity inviting you to take a break and think creatively!

You can play it on your tablet or computer. If you want, when you finish, compare the words you have found and the score you got for them with those of a friend!

The Wizard is asking you to create a simple conceptual diagram in the English language. Starting from a given concept in the centre, try to think of four other concepts that are linked to it from a specific perspective. In reality, the Wizard has already ‘searched’ the world and is inviting you to guess concepts that he has found to be associated with the given theme, if you look at it from the specified perspective.

Your score increases each time you get it right – by more and more points at a time, as you are adding more of the related words. But be careful: if you write the same concept that you have written before you will lose one point!

To help you, the game gives you an article from Simple Wikipedia that is relevant to the theme you are playing. If you want, you can look at it for some inspiration!

Download for Android through Google Play:


Download for Windows (win32):