Draw and Guess! Iconoscope

Iconoscope is a game that gets you to play with visual creativity and ambiguity. It invites you to do something quite unusual: to represent a given concept through an image that you will create so that it will not be obvious to everyone what your creation represents! Let the others guess what that image might stand for and enjoy the fun!

You can play Iconoscope as part of a group of 4-12 players on your Android tablets, but you can also play alone on your tablet or on the web (using any device) and let anyone with web access guess what you have drawn!

At the start of the game you are presented with three words or short phrases. They refer to three concepts which are somehow related within the context of a specified theme. You secretly select which of the three you want to play with. Your use simple shapes and colour to create and submit a visual representation of your chosen concept. Your ultimate goal is to trick some of the others who will try to guess what your drawing stands for, but NOT all of them!

When you finish with your visual creation and submit it, time for guessing and fun (or serious discussion, for that matter) has arrived! You show your creations to each other and pass your tablets around for everyone to vote, i.e. state which of the three initial concepts they ‘see’ in each creation. Once everyone has voted for all creations, you get your scores!

Download for Android through Google Play:


Play it on the web:


You can also play Iconoscope in C2Space, on an Android tablet. Find out more about C2Space here.